It took me two years...

I haven't posted in a very long time. For those who remember, I was suffering from a physical burnout and struggling with recovery. In the beginning all I could accomplish were short, slow walks. Eventually I was able to get back into strength training (oh boy did I miss that!!). But negative self talk, setback after was too much at times. I'd lost count how many times I wanted to quit it all.

But I kept at it. I knew I needed to power on, go slow and do what I could, one day at a time. And since August of this year, am now able to complete a program and go power walking for 45 minutes!

I signed up for the one week free trial of FB Plus, which I began today with the 2-week Bored Easily Challenge (did the ECC too!).

My custom workouts include treadmill HIIT, Spinning and Power Walking. If it goes the way I'm hoping, I'll sign up for a year.

I'm 65 years old and too young to slow down! :)