Perspiration Pals - November 27.

Don’t worry, I will not continue in the same manner as yesterday. OK, maybe just a little. 😅

“Dearest P Pals,

I am sorry to inform you that my air cooler is yet again not giving trouble-free and satisfactory service. Being isolated in the middle of the desert, its cooling power is hopelessly poor. It also makes much noise which causes additional disturbance and one cannot rest or sleep in peace. The Principal is notified. Currently, there is no budget to replace it, so the school board decided to move me to a different room. I take a very poor view of this sorry situation…”

Well, yes, I am moved to a new apartment. Now pigeons are making noise and they poop all over my windows. 🙄 On the bright side, I love all living beings and there are a couple of eggs in the window’s nests. Baby pigeons soon to be expected. 😊

I actually like it here, but without hubby, everything seems empty. 🥺And each day, I’m just trying to find new ways to fill that void, in vain, of course... The only thing I can do is try to avoid boredom during the daytime, so I did a crazy thing.

For those who didn’t pick it up in yesterday’s thread, my secret plan is working for a week now. I’m following two programs at the same time, LI2 and Abs2. 😅 It bugged me to have an unfinished program, so I added LI2 to my Calendar. One workout is done during the lunch break, and the other one (usually strength training) is done at the gym in the evenings. So far, so good. It feels like doing Fit2 but divided into two sessions. Today is a rest day. Almost done with LI2. Afterward, I will add FB30 to do with Abs2, but only if I feel like it.😉

"...You know how much I enjoy badminton. But right now, I am looking to enjoy some indoor activities as well, since girls here are afraid of breathing the fresh air. 😅 Of all the indoor games, I am absorbed in the game of table tennis. It gives you plenty of exercises. It is good for the eyes. It sharpens our brain. It keeps our brain and thinking power in action. It keeps one physically and mentally fit..."

Have no idea what to do nutrition-wise, though. I can see my skin is losing its glow again, same as my hair. 😳 Many expats are having similar issues, and some say it’s because of the shower water...

For me, the weekend already started. And I am ever so tired.😴 Today shrimps are on my menu.

Now onto y’all. Let me hear how are feeling this Friday and what are your plans for the upcoming weekend.😊


P.S. We welcome everybody to P Pals. If you wanna share about yourself, learn something or ask a question, you’re in need of support and kind words, wanna laugh a bit, or you just wanna continue your silent treatment- all is good in eyes of P Pals. 😊 🤗