FB Burn Challenge - Day 6 & 8 - Recovery Workout & Upper Body Strength

I completed my workout for yesterday. It was a nice relaxing recovery workout with Kellie and I didn't do it until the evening, because we went into town to get couple more groceries and to also buy some Christmas decorations. We had so much fun with buying and picking them out that as soon as we got home we just started immediately putting them up. So by the time the were put up the whole front and side of the house looked beautiful and so did the barn for the Alpacas, and we just put up the lights on the back deck this morning. So I guess you can say that we had so much fun yesterday that it will be a day that I will never forget and it will stay as a memory in my mind.

I completed my workout for today. It was a upper body strength workout with Kellie and my arms were feeling it after the two workouts that I had which were both with Kellie. After my workout I was wandering around house helping my mom with cleaning things up and moving things around so that way, we could get the Christmas decorating's up in the house. While we was doing things around in the house we were listening to music which was nice for a change and after we was done with being busy. My mom and I started working on the puzzle and we have gotten half of the puzzle done already that we might finish it by tomorrow. This afternoon I was just taking care of the animals for the night and making sure that they both had plenty of feed and water.