HIIT like a girl round 2!

Hello everyone!

I havent exercised over a week now and today I finally broke the curse, lol. Life happened again, shuffling home office and going to uni, online conference, visit to parents etc... so Bodyweight R2 was put on hold and today I returned to it after quite a bit of reasoning with myself (lvl 5 workouts tend to be intimidating) and todays workout was HIIT like a girl 2!

Those burpees had me needing extra seconds to catch my breath and my lower body certainly feels like doing a lot of work! Also I feel great for showing up and I was reminded of the refreshing and accomplished feelings that come with the workout complete!

Becca, how are you doingwith BW2? I think I hadnt seen you post about it :)

How are you people doing? Catch me up a little bit about your news :)

Thank you for reading this and have a great day everyone!