Sharing my struggles

Good afternoon dear FB family,

Today I come to you to open up and share a bit of my struggle. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis, it took a while, finding a supportive doctor and someone who actually listened when I talked about my pain. I endured surgery to remove an endo cist last year, that apparently destroyed my right ovary (something the operating doctor and regular OBGYN didn`t told me ever, it was the specialist who told me), which is ok with me, I don´t want kid and still have a working ovary so no biggies.

Endometriosis is when tissue that is normally located inside your uterus grows outside of it. In my cases, growth are on my gut, pelvis and lower back. So surgery is not an option as it is way too risky. My right ovary is now also covered in scar tissue, and highly distended. Everything causes a lot of pain the week before my period. I can`t sit down because my lower back kills me, workouts are the only moment where I feel comfortable strangely enough, but sometimes I am too tired to workout.

Today she just told me that unfortunately, the only thing that we can do is pain management. There is no cure, no surgery possible and no other options as of today. It is fine, if I am in too much pain she can give me a shot of something strong, but it hurts. I don´t want to be in pain, I don´t want to be incapacitated for a week of my life each month. With this and bebing a risky person and this whole situation I feel sad and frustrated today. I have to be extra careful and I still see people who think this is all a joke. I miss being on vacation and going away and just disconecting for 2 weeks (first world problem I know), but there is just so much going one right now it is overwhelming, especially today.

Can´t complain about working out and FB and what it is doing to my body image in general, I am super happy and love this safe place. It is just that today I have reached my too much day.

Thank you for reading and being here. Much love to everyone from Spain.