Push-up Group - Week 9: Check in + December Goals

Hello fellow pushers,

first of all, happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US celebrating this. Shame on me that I never took the time to actually ask where my fellow pushers are from. I am from (East) Germany by the way.

So how are you doing? I happily keep on pushing through my training schedule. It is hard and challenging and I am not making the knd of progress that would bring me to my Christmas goal. But I am making progress. My arms are stronger, I have better control of my body during my push ups and hey, I am managing the current 3x10 knee push-ups with fairly good form. However, full push-ups - still at one. So I have decided adjust my December goals - see comment below. But here are my summary stats:

So summary stats:

November goal: Finish 26 days of the knee push-up challenge

Current state: 23/26 days of challenge - almost there, doable even with my 1 planned rest day

Christmas goal: 10 full push-ups

Current state: still just one

So where are you at and how do you plan to go for your Christmas goal in December?

Also, anyone who wants to join for December - feel welcome to.