Perspiration Pals - November 26. 🧐

Dearest Big Sister,

I hope this message finds you in a good health. I was very glad to receive your letter yesterday. I read it again and again and it made me homesick. It seems that years have passed since I met you though I have left our parents' house only three months ago. Respectful Mother writes me often, but I find it troublesome when she scorns you for your choice of the words. I miss your jokes dearly.

I do not like my life in this boarding school. It is like a dorm too in which there are more than a hundred girls. Some of the girls are well mannered, but a few of them are not nice. They play nasty jokes on juniors. Since we are junior, we cannot dare to protest their behavior. When the Principal comes to visit us, all are in the proper place and pose disciplined behavior. Hence, she knows nothing. The Principal comes here only to observe our studies. She commands us in every way. It seems we have no life of our own. I cannot study in this atmosphere. I am vexed with this life. The other girls are finding this life even more troublesome.

Not to make you worry. My teachers were very pleased with my performance this semester. I was praised very much and the Principal proposed to give me some reward.

I know I am not a lady like you, but please ask a respectful Father and Mother to transfer me to your boarding school. That Mr. Segars sounds like quite a good fellow. I must admit, I do not like the sound of his gruesome regime, but surely, I can try. I need to respect my sister’s opinion and learn from her experience, just like Father and Mother taught us.

Still, HIIT does not suit my interest. It is too fast. I like pilates better. It is good for ones limbs. But, if one seeks to enjoy the game, then one needs to spend the whole long day playing badminton. It does appear childish, but I dislike looking or feeling like a piglet on a frozen lake.

Probably your taste must have turned bitter for me, but I don’t mind. We are best sisters despite all differences in preferences, choices, and opinions.

Before voicing my secret, I beg you not to speak it in front of our respectful parents. It requires me to sweat a lot and it is not ladylike behavior to do so. Mother will be angry, and Father would like to marry me off. Although, at this time, I am more inclined to their offer of arranging a marriage for me, as I find this lifestyle more bothersome.

I found out that Mrs. Segars is holding classes like her husband Mr. Segars. I was hoping to find some distraction from this boredom. You know, I had started a project LI2 and then stopped. It really bothered me to have unfinished projects and the result is that I am currently involved in two projects at the same time. During my lunch break, I am focusing on one and then after my studies, I am doing the other. I hope you are proud of your little sister.

I am still struggling to follow the school's diet policy. I think I have a secret admirer here as I always find chocolate at my doorsteps. Luckily, there’s no Lucifer here to take it away.

Now I must be back to my class, as the Principal is coming to give us new policies reading house rules in the event of a flu/korona outbreak. I am worried about our dear Mother if this happens, as she scared away yet another poor housemaid. As you can presume, she blamed Lucifer for the unfortunate event. And yet, she always fails to praise him for blooming flowers in our garden.

With love,

Your Little Sister



My dear P Pals, I just had to give it a go. 😅 For two days now, our gifted Ivett K and Clare M are entertaining us with their creative writing. Lynna joined them as well. 😉😁

If you wanna answer in the same style, please don't be shy and just do it. Even if you're wearing Nike, but cannot do it, 😂 I wanna hear ALL about your day. So start typing. 🤗