Body metrics improving- want to stay on this path, age 48 woman. Share what is working for you please!

I have had my body metric taken (co2 metabolic test and body fat analysis) at Kaiser every two years for the past 6 years following a adrenal fatigue that was triggered by prednisone. Over the course of 6 years, I tried to incorporate low card diet with a running regime that I have maintained most of my life. The adrenal fatigue instantly out on 10 stubborn pounds that wouldn't budge, and triggered the swap in muscle mass to fat mass.

For the past 4 years I have changed my workouts to a mare strength training focus from a cardio focus. My workouts are more like 35-45 minutes as opposed to 45-60 minutes of running. My injuries have been minimal to none (knock on wood) and I feel like my body composition is changing despite the number on the scale.

I just purchased power blocks to increase my weights as I want to increase muscle mass even more.

My question is, how many women (aged 48-up) are finding that their metabolism and muscle mass is increasing, and if so, can you share what fitness blender programs are you using to maintain and build more muscle mass and increased progress?