FB Burn Challenge - Day 2 - Upper Body Strength

I completed my workout for today. It was a upper body strength workout with Daniel and my arms were feeling it and shaking through the whole workout. It was a hard workout to do even though I think I have done the workout before but I can't remember really but, the reason why I just did my workout was this morning we all went shopping to get some more groceries and there was a lot of things on the list. We didn't get everything on the list but we got almost all of them on there and both of the stores Walmart and Safeway were really busy today. We don't normally see those stores as busy compare to when we go and they are not as busy, but I think that the reason why they are really busy is because they are getting ready for Thanksgiving. So whenever it starts getting close to a holiday people will start coming the stores and start buying things that they will need for that holiday. But we manage to be able to get the things that we needed to get we just had to watch out for people walking by us or toward us in the stores. This afternoon I hung my laundry while I was talking to my Grandpa and then after that I took care of the animals for the night. Then I did my workout and took a shower so I am completely wore out from the very busy day that we had today, between grocery shopping and taking care of things around the house.