Family game night

Hello all,

So you know I love discussing family health and ideas to get teens off the couch. I wanted to share something I’m excited to try out. It’s a new card game that sounds crazy - it combines cards and dodgeball. My teens don’t get themselves off the couch, but they do respond well when I MAKE them play a game with me that gets them up and moving. They like volleyball, Gaga ball, Horse, that sort of thing. But with gyms closing and the weather getting bad, those options are good anymore.

Last weekend I started a table top ping pong tournament with the family. It was a hit! They were laughing, play fighting, asking to play again. It’s certainly not getting their heart rate up, but I was so happy that they were moving their bodies.

So I’m hoping they like this new game. They love play fighting, so the idea of throwing things at each other I’m hoping will work well.