Weekend Check In👻 Saturday, November 21

Hello lovely people in Check In Ave!

Happy Saturday! I hope you woke up to a kind morning☕

Not every morning we wake up to is a nice ones but that's OK or not so OK sometimes! The good news is nothing is permanent. The better ones are on the way. It's a promise of life not mine.

My photo for today is not mine, sorry🤭 This is a simple bukey of Narcissus flowers. This species is the most popular in my country. Our family tradition is that one of the siblings gets the first one coming in stores for my mom. They're her favorite flowers. It's a seasonal flower and belongs to Spring but this year they're a little early. Besides their beauty, they smell great and they're used to make medicines for Alzheimer's disease treatment. Their name means loving your own reflection. We all need to learn from it to love our own reflection too just the way we are! Of course we don't wanna be a Narcissistic which is a psychological disorder and has nothing to do with this beautiful flowers😊 😉

Now, let's get to business, exercise and nutrition! Let's share our today's calendar and kitchen 🧘🏻🍊

Fit2 brought me and my buddies a stretch routine for our active recovery. I'll do it this evening. We have a 1000 cal workout waiting on us on Monday! How about you blenderbuddies? Share your sweat and rest with us.

And also let's share our fuel and hydration as well. We're going leftover-y today. Our friend brought us some food yesterday and we saved it for today's dinner🤗😋

So this is all from me. I'll be looking forward to your stories as always.

Stay safe and sound and have a lovely one everybody💛

***Everyone is welcome to this thread to check in, leave a comment, ask questions, answer concerns and even guest host(ghost) this thread***