Workout suggestions for a bride who only has 3 weeks to the wedding day

As title. I am the bride-to-be. I started doing FB workouts in mid-august this year, and I have completed two 4-week workout programs (low impact and blend). I was 111.1 lbs and 32.8% body fat on 8/31. After 2 months of FB workout and adjusting eating habits, I was 102.7 lbs and 27.9% body fat on 11/3. Still a lot to work on!

I am wondering what kinds of workouts should I do in the last 3 weeks? Should I keep doing the low impact or blend program? Or focuses on either strength training or cardio workouts?

To be honest, I am most worried about how my upper body looks since my lower body is hidden by the dress.

Anyway, appreciate any suggestions!!!

p.s. FB got me in love of working out. Definitely will keep doing workouts after the wedding!