FB Burn Challenge - Day 1 - Lower Body Strength

I completed my workout for today. It was a lower body workout with Kellie and it was hard to do because my legs were shaking about halfway through the workout. But I made through the workout and now my legs are tired from the workout and they, were shaking a lot during the workout and after the workout. I had a busy week at school this week and I had so much work to do in all of my classes that it was so much work for me to do. But I was able to do all the work for my classes and turn in the work to my teachers and have them grade it. But now I don't have to do any schoolwork this week because, I have this week off from school and I won't have to do any schoolwork. So now I can relax for a whole week off from school and not worry about having to do any of it and just have some fun with my family instead. But it is getting hard at my school to be able to keep the kids happy and getting into the school spirit. So the next time that we all come back to school the teachers are all gonna have a idea of how to be able to keep the kids happy and still stay in the school spirit. Because it's getting hard fro everyone at school to be able to stay happy all day and all week, because there is no fun actives going on at the school so far.