Bloating after workouts

Hi everybody!

I've started working out with Fitness Blender in May this year, and am feeling stronger than ever! I love that Kelli and Daniel focus not so much on how you look (I can still remember other online workout videos where the trainer would say "if you look down and you have a fat stomach" - it's kind of depressing when they have abs themselves) but on being healthy, getting stronger and showing up for yourself.

I have a question, however, about bloating after workouts. I've always been bloated after 'bigger' meals, though this has decreased by limiting the amount of gluten that I eat.

I still find that after workouts, I bloat significantly. It's been impairing my ability to see results and be proud of myself after putting the effort in (although I know I am progressing).

Does anyone else bloat after workouts? Is there anything you do to avoid it?

Thank you!