Family activities inside?


So I normally keep my kids active in the winter by taking them to an indoor pool near us. It looks to me like pools and gyms are probably going to close again, so I’m trying to think of fun things to do as a family that get the kids off the couch. I have a variety of outdoor activities in mind (sledding, skating, shoe shoeing, etc.) But I’m also trying to think of indoor activities.

My kids will NOT do intentional exercise, so exercise videos are out of the question. They CAN be motivated by games. We do not currently have any tech that can support a video game (like Wii or Nintendo switch) so video games are out of the question. So I’ve thought of a few things:

-table top ping-pong


-Balloony ball (volley ball in the living room with a balloon)

Any other ideas for tech-free games that can get my family up and moving at home?