My story to help others!! and hopefully someone helps me please

OK, i love love love this new feature on FB!! One thing i would like to talk about not exercising when you have an illness. Now, I am not talking about strep or a cold, both suck, but you can move around a bit still, I am walking about having a neuro issue that makes you unable to even walk in a hallway without getting out of breath and feeling faint. Now, i am 5'7 and pretty fit, i play soccer and do these videos in my off season. Although, i need to ask about tips. What should i do to stop the pounds from packing up?? I have gone from 119 to 125 in just a few weeks because of my "bed rest". I can't do anything without a headache or getting out of breath or fainting, so how can i keep healthy? please anything helps. I hopefully will have a enough strength to try and do some pilates :)