Family fitness - new update!

So I just like posting on here when I have good days. I have four kids - three teenage girls and a 4 year old son. It’s a tough combination for me, because I am way overly sensitive and teenage girls tend to be...not the nicest people to their moms. So whenever I have good news I like to share!

So today me and my youngest girl finished our quarantine. I told each kid that I would take them to do something fun when their quarantine is over. Since we all got COVID at different times, our quarantine dates are different for each. So anyway, me and daughter #3 went to support some small businesses by going to a tea shop and and ice cream shop. She’s had some emotional struggles lately, and I asked her to list things that make her feel good, and she listed family nights as one of the things. This made me feel really good because I put a lot of effort into fun family nights, but my girls are typically moody and like to complain. So I felt good that one of them actually appreciates them, but she just won’t say it normally :)

So then, we brought some ice cream back to the rest of the family, who is still in quarantine. It was beautiful outside, so I brought the ice cream and bowls outside and told the family we are having an ice cream party, and they are only invited if they come outside and play a game with us. They chose volleyball. Daughter #3 only played for a few minutes, but stayed outside and bantered with us the whole time. Daughter #1 played for 30 mins, then went to play with my son and daughter #3. Daughter #2, who is typically the moody-est, played volleyball with me for an hour and a half.

So, I’ve had a great day today. It makes me happy when I can be a good influence, in this case, getting teenagers off the couch and moving their bodies.

I just wanted to share!