Celebrating 6 Months working out regularly

6 Months ago I got sick and tired of constant neckpain and headaches and started working out.

First I started working on my posture and stretch my muscles and only later (june) I started to work on my overall fitness.

To celebrate this milestone I treated myself to a month-long membership to FB Plus (as a test for a potential longer membership). The stats have me impressed. I used to work out only once a week and not very strenuously. Hence, my first workouts were level 1 or 2.

Since May I have worked out 126 days and completed 235 workouts, spending 5279 minutes working out.

My non-scale victories:

Days with headaches down to 1 or 2 per month.

Days with neckpain/ backpain ... I don't recall the last days with neckpain or backpain.

Pain med usage has gone down.

Also I can now do 13 knee-pushups, have better endurance, my walking speed has increased slightly, i can do toe touch kicks and ice skaters without loosing balance and can do Level 4 workouts.

I can work pain free in the garden for several hours, i can lift two 10liter watering cans and carry them through the garden

Scale related victories

I lost 5.7 kg (12.5 lbs), my body fat percentage went down by 5% and I lost a total of 25 cm (10 inches) in different areas of my body - which means my clothes feel better.

Best thing: I still love working out with Fitnessblender. I wanna slow down a bit now, but maybe to just 4-5 days per week instead of the 7 I started out with. But I still wanna do workouts. I even got dumbells - because I really started to enjoy strength training.

For November I will do my knee push-up challenge, finish Low Impact 2 (only 3 days left) and then do the FB fundamentals challenge and enjoy my FB Plus membership.

Overall - I am so grateful for FB. I have been following Kelli and Daniel since 2010/2011 and did occassional workouts. I love the variety that is offered in difficulty and training style, the advice that is provided. So thank you, Fitnessblender. Keep up the great work.