Dubai, Day 5 - Dubai Parks: Riverland, Moriongate, Legoland


I am sorry, guys, I have hardly checked the forums lately - I just can't do it anymore without notifications, I don't have time for it, I realize that I have been struggling with keeping up with new topics and old discussions for too long... I hope you are doing well. If K & D manage to improve the usability of the community, it would be great. Before that I will have to limit my presence here :( Makes me sad, but...

So, our 5th day was SO much fun! We went to Dubai "Disneyland" (I've been to Paris Disneyland before, so that's the only place I can compare it with :)).

It is a huge entertainment area with several different park zones devoted to different topics (cinema: movies, cartoons). We were in the main park Riverland, just a nice place designed as a medieval village (the way I see it). Then we went to Motiongate devoted to different film-making studios (Lionsgate - Hunger Games movie, DreamWorks - famous cartoons like Shrek and Kung Fu Panda). And we finished our tour with Legoland - an amazing park built as a Lego town :) There was this cool pavilion with Dubai in minuature made of Lego bricks! It is just as if I was walking along the streets of tiny Dubai :D