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How important is calorie counting?

My weight fluctuates between 120 and 130lbs, which is totally fine with me. I'm not really fixated on the number of the scale. My goal is just to shed a small amount of fat around my midsection and get toned.

I do yoga/pilates/stretching/etc. daily as well as about 20 minutes of cardio on most days, and I take 1-2 rest days (usually active rest) per week.

I have cut most empty calories and junk out of my diet. I eat mostly whole foods that I cook myself, I've minimized processed food, I've switched from white to wheat, I switched from cream cheese or butter to peanut butter, etc. The types of food I'm eating now are quality and good for my body.

With my goals, exercise, and diet in important is calorie counting? Is the need to count calories reduced because I'm eating the right kinds of food and exercising regularly? How does one find a happy medium between obsessively counting every calorie and being so lax that you may be working against your goal?