Need Help

Hello FB Family, How are you doing tonight? I just want to take the time to share my before and after stories and why I want to start a new journey. Starting around December of last year I decided to lose weight. My goal was to lose some body fat at first but then it got to the point where I lost a lot of muscle mass but also fat. I was able to lose 60lbs however, However, beginning around July, my friends at work started to comment on how I had noodle arms and noodle legs. When it was windy, people would tell me to hold on to something or otherwise I would just fly away. That was very troubling to me because I thought losing weight was a good thing. However, it came to the point where I was just a walking stick. At first, I did not listen to them but as time went on, my strength was missing and I was weak. People began to make fun of me because I was the weakest guy. I started to think about gaining weight and adding size. So that is when I began posting on the FB community but the idea of gaining weight still kind of goes around my mind. I want to ask if this is a good goal to have? Has anyone gone through the same situation as I had?