No More Weight Based Rewards


I am a very goal oriented person. In the past when it came to getting healthy my goals were all weight based therfore the rewards were weight based. For example: Lose 5 pounds by x date get a new shirt lose 30 pounds by x date go on a short vacation. The problem with this was that if i didn't reach those goals I felt like a failure and then i also missed out on something. So i am changing things up my goals/rewards will be activity/work out based. The following are some of my current goals:

1. Finish FB 30 Round 1 -> nordstrom personal stylist session (Free by the way unless i buy stuff)

2. Reach Yellow Belt in Tae Kwon Do -> go to the movies by my self (it is a rarity to go to the movies let alone by myself when i work full time and have 2 kids)

3. Run/walk a 5k in june and august -> this just sounds like fun!

I like these goals a lot better and will let you all know WHEN i complete them.