FB30 Week 3 Completed and I resisted the scale!


I have finally completed week 3 of FB30 Round 1. This took a little extra time because I ended up straining my back and then we went out of town. Never the less it is done and I am looking forward to week 4 and making it to the halfway point.

Another minor victory is that I resisted the urge to step on the scale. This seems minor but it is a big thing for me. My husband had left out the scale in the bathroom and this morning as I was getting around i saw the scale on the floor. Just begging to be stepped on. I spent a few seconds warring with my self should i should i not. I decided no and here is why. If i had lost weight I would be excited and think i could slack off. However if I had gained weight my day would be ruined because i would feel like a failure. So no good would come of it either way. This is just one of my many baby steps that I am taking to get to a more positive self image.