Working out with a stuffy schedule?

Hey guys!

So I'm new to FitnessBlender, but have done their workouts a couple of times in the past. I have a bit of a dilemna: until a couple of months ago, I used to be an avid exerciser. Granted, I wasn't at all 'fit' but I was the closest I had ever been to that. But then, I started college, and it has been time-consuming. Especially because of the online-schooling, we've had more homework and I really want to do good in school. This has me juggling a lot of things right now, including all of the different subjects, as well as the religious course I'm doing, along with the extra work I've given myself in order for me to excel at my subjects, and the incoming stream of homework. Due to all of this, my fitness has suffered terribly and I've gained a serious amount of weight, especially in these past couple of months. My diet hasn't been the best either, my budget is tight and I don't have the time for healthy cooking either, which means I end up having a lot of takeout, ready-to-eat stuff. I feel terrible, I feel so disappointed in myself that I let myself get this way. I'm in a bit of a time constraint and probably don't have the time to get in full 30-50 minute workouts. I don't really know how to manage my diet either, which is why I wanted to ask you guys for advice! How do I get my diet back together? How do I improve my fitness and lose weight, whilst juggling homework, schoolwork, extra coursework, as well as a religious course?