Perspiration Pals -October 17 🙂

Heya P Pals,

How's it going? How's your weekend shaping up?

I woke up without an alarm and managed to sleep well too 😊 I suppose it's going to a rather slow and at ease day here! Might head out biking for a short while in the evening, otherwise Slazy Saturday it is 😎

Workouts, Day 13 LI R2, stretch routine is scheduled. I might get around to it at some point in the evening 🤭

So, what's up with you? What workouts?Have you planned some outdoor activities over the weekend? And food? 🤔 I feel like having popcorn this evening🍿maybe I will (yes, I will 😁). How's your food looking this weekend? 🧃☕🍵🍩🍫🍲🥤🍿🥧 or 🧁? Go ahead, let us know!

P. S. Anyone and everyone is welcome in these threads, please feel free to pop by and come say hello 😊💜

Ahem, extra meme in comments for those Blenders who are being extra busy today 🤣😆