FB30 R4 complete!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share this great news with you all :) today I finished FB30 R4 and not in an ordinary fashion, I did both last two days in one day which is a huge NSV for me, as both of them are 4/5, one of them HIIT and lower body strength and the other one is isolated upper body strength, so they complemented each other very well!

Both workouts were very difficult but their different nature made it possible to get them done in one day, almost back to back. I feel very accomplished and am grateful that my body can do such fantastic things :)

I did not take measurements before/after nor pics. I did this program for maintenance and it did that well for me even though it took a lot longer to complete it with all the rescheduling and substitutions. Still, Im glad Im staying active :)

Next program I will do it FB Adventure with just 4 days/week and Im already looking forward to it! Im taking a one week break though, with independent workouts and next weekend I will attempt to do a 1000 calorie workout, wish me luck :)

Which program are you working on right now, if any?

What workout do you have lined up for today? Or is it a rest day for you? :)

Thank you for reading, have a nice day everyone! :)