ISO Opinions: Workout Hair

I feel silly asking this, but it's a legitimate question... :P

I'm seriously considering getting my hair cut drastically short (well, drastically short for me). Right now it's about 8 inches past my shoulders. My hair is pin-straight, fine, and low-maintenance. I can braid my hair and put it in a bun, and that's about the extent of my styling skills. I don't put products in it (other than shampoo and conditioner), and I wash it every 2-3 days.

As I think about what kind of style I want, I'm worried about how to manage it when working out. The last thing I need during HIIT is hair all up in my face because I can't pull it back. :P Does anyone have any thoughts on what makes a workout-friendly hairstyle? Any advice? (I'll also take just plain-old encouragement--the idea of a short hair cut is intimidating to me!)