NSV 4 Months Post-Partum

I had a baby 4 months ago and my husband was on leave over the summer to help take care of our three kids since summer camps and even family visiting to help out were all cancelled due to covid. The whole family home with nowhere really to go meant that I got into a great workout routine and completed the Low Impact program twice in a row, feeling stronger and more energized even on little sleep.

Since my two older kids have been back in school, however, and my husband back to work, I've maybe worked out two or three times, although I try to take long walks with the baby. BUT today I was doing some intense gardening and felt strong and fit, even though it's been a month since I regularly worked out. I know for sure that if I hadn't had that summer of exercise my body would be barely recovered from giving birth, rather than letting me lunge and squat and lift my way through a couple hours of yard work. So grateful for Fitness Blender! I hope I'll be back to regular workouts soon!