FB Plus Player - Thumbnails + Chromecast Updates

Hi FB Plus Blenders!

We recently pushed a few updates to the FB Plus Ads-Free Player:

Progress Bar Thumbnails

For modern desktop browsers (Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Edge) you should now be able to see thumbnails as you hover over the progress bar! Please note that these thumbnails are around one minute snapshots, so may not reflect the exact second of the video, but should give good insight if you want to skip or scan a workout before playing the full video.

Chromecast Plugin v2

We have updated to a beta version of the Chromecast plugin for the Ads-Free Player. This should hopefully improve casting specifically from Android mobile devices. Please note it is still in beta, and there are a few known issues (for example, if you try to replay the video after it is over). I encourage you to test it out and let us know how it works!

In order to see these changes, you may need to do page refresh.

Thanks, Brandon