I've just been thinking that it would be great to have a series of little how-to videos on how to perform the common exercises, maybe with variations and different options for difficulty. I'd really like content that would help to improve our technique, both in an individual move like a deadlift or burpee, but also with ideas on other accessory moves that would contribute to doing that move better. I would love to be able to add in a short tutorial on a specific move, say if I had a goal to increase my shoulder press or become more agile in bodyweight cardio moves.

I don't just mean demo videos with Daniel or Kelli performing the action, but more of a walk-through of all the aspects to consider when doing that move, common errors, which muscles are involved, how to address specific weaknesses, etc.

I know the priority is always going to be producing the workout videos, but if there is ever capacity for that kind of thing, I'd love to see it. Maybe it could even form an add-in programme of its own, for anyone who really wants to focus on the technical side of their workouts.