Today is the first time I went to the beach since Sally. The water was CRAZY clear and calm. Amazing how after so much intensity, the water settles down even more beautiful than before the storm.

I believe our brains work like that. For me, I see that for healing to take place, oftentimes a storm is stirred up when I choose to see and deal with some hard things. Eventually, I see the fruit of the choice to lean into the storm and the difficulty. The waters calm and clear.

I also believe that I need an anchor in the storm, to keep me rooted and grounded. My anchor is Jesus ❤️🙂

Some of the tools Jesus has given me include counseling (SO HARD, SO GOOD, SO IMPORTANT), fitness blender (moving AND resting my body is a JOURNEY), and of course coffee 😉☕️

Anyone else notice a storm BEFORE the calm? What tools do you have in and out of the storm to weather, cope, and grow?