New with FB Plus: 2 Week Fundamentals Challenge

Good Morning FB Family,

I've just published our newest FB Plus Challenge:

2 Week Fundamentals Challenge

This Challenge is great for improving your posture, proprioception, range of motion, core strength, balance, and bodily control. Great for both beginners and advanced exercisers. The workouts range between 11-22 minutes, 16 minutes on average, and are all light enough that you can add them onto other programs or challenges without risk of overtraining.

Includes 5 new workout videos filmed specifically for this Challenge.

FB Plus now comes with 16 weeks - 4 months - worth of 2 Week Challenges that you can combine, start and stop, mix and match as you please. ALL of the Challenges are always available to you, as long as your Plus account is active.  View all Challenges here

I'm starting this morning! I am going to try and check in here for accountability if anyone wants to join me 😊 At the moment, my neck and shoulders are seriously stiff and achy and I'm looking forward to these workouts & having an easy goal to hit each day.

Are you going to try the new Fundamentals Challenge? Are you doing it on its own, or will you combine it with another Challenge? Have you tried any of the 5 new workout videos released this week, and if so, do you have a favorite yet?

Have a great day!