FB Fit R1 Before and After


My name is Melissa and I hope everyone is doing well!

This is my first time writing, but I do enjoy lurking :)

This is my 2nd time doing this program and I do enjoy it quite a bit. The first time doing it, which was a few years back I was pretty careless with my diet so therefor I didn't get the results I wanted. This time I am making smarter choices. Also I wasn't planning to take any before and after pics, but just decided on like the 2nd week of the program. That's why it's only showing 1 month progress. There isn't a huge difference, but some small changes and I'm happy with that.

Now I didn't lose any weight and in fact I gained weight. I started at 147 and now I'm 152. I think it may be because I am lifting heavy. I don't really care what the scale says. My main concern is that when I first started I would eat and I would get full with my meals, but now I'm not getting as full when I eat. Right now I am eating about 1500 calories I am 38 yrs, 5'4 and 152 lbs. Should I be eating more?