Happy 1 year with FB!

Hello Blenders!

This month I am celebrating my 1 year anniversary of working out with Fitness Blender! Last year, while prepping for my wedding, I stumbled upon one of Kelli’s workouts while browsing YouTube for cardio videos. I was instantly hooked. I loved the calorie expenditure meter, the countdown to workout complete and most of all I loved how her videos actually kept me interested! I’ve been working out at home for many years, so my before/after pictures aren’t as drastic as you’d expect from a beginner. But the biggest difference K&D have made in my life in the past year is the smile on my face. 😊

I used to be an obsessive calorie counter and when I ate over 1200 calories I’d punish myself with extra workouts. I constantly felt anxious, stressed and self-conscious. I was stuck in a vicious never-ending cycle: exercise was a means of punishment and at the end of the day I still hated my body.

It took nearly a year of listening to K&D preach their mindset before it sunk in for me. Adopting their view on exercise and body image has changed my life. Workouts are now a celebration of what my muscles are capable of accomplishing. I’ve learned to listen to my body, take breaks and even extra rest days without feeling an immense amount of guilt. But more than anything, I feel proud of myself and my body. The mirror is no longer my enemy.

I’ll close with my favourite quote from FB:

“Never be gullible enough to believe that your worth lies in your outer appearance. Workout and eat well to feel good; the rest is just noise.”