FB Abs 1+2 Before & After Photos

In the period June 17 - September 24 I did FB Abs 1 + 2.

When I finished FB Abs 2 two days ago, I was excited to go take photos and see if there was any visible difference. *Runs frantically to the bathroom with phone in hand*

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see that big of a change other than the logo on my tights being worn out as well as the popsocket on my phone. All signs that I’ve worked out a lot and used my phone a lot 😂

Ok ok, maybe I have better posture...?? Or less of a swayback?? 🤔 And are there some tiny changes in my lovehandles as well maybe? Is there a TINY bit more definition in my ribs area? Is my stomach a teensy weensy bit smaller?? 🧐 *looks closer and squints REALLY hard*

As I wrote in my 1-year review about 2 weeks ago, my body is STUBBORN and holds on to weight like a shark to its prey: it will not let go.

So for good measure I put in an extra photo from back in February when I was doing FB Round 4 and there’s a bit of a difference there at least...I think.

Anyway, if my body feels fine about looking the way it does then maybe I should too and just keep on truckin’ 😄

Now on to FB Burn!

Oh, and that’s 7 Fitness Blender programs completed during this past year, btw! Whoop whoop 🙌

Happy workouts everyone!