FB Fit R1 before and after

So this is my first day doing FBfit after finishing Fb bodyweight(left) and the after picture is today (Right). I first started watching my caloric intake and exercising in June with a starting weight of 168 (not pictured). I just wanted to show the difference from the 8 weeks of FB Fit round 1.

I am 5’5 and 153 in the first picture and 149 in the second. I started first week of August. I have to admit for half the program I added on a bunch of “extra credit burns” of my own because I had a lot of energy. The second half I started school so I really just did the workouts that were in the program . I haven’t lost any weight since the beginning of september.

I didn’t do the PFT but this week I started to run again and I am 2 minute faster than I was 3 years ago the last time I ran.

I did start this to loose weight but now I am perfectly fine just making sure I have a habit of exercising and eating right. I would be ecstatic to reach my goal of 140 by the new year though!

I wanted to share this to this community because I constantly come here to lurk for motivation and I’d love to give motivation back. I know there is not a huge difference in the photos but I do feel a lot stronger and I am so happy to have discovered fitnessblender!

I start r2 next week!