Is the PFT worth the time??? Absolutely!

I have been working out with fitness blender for over 3 years now. I just started FB 30 today and decided to to the PFT. Normally like most have said on here I chose to do a different workout instead of the PFT but kit today. The last time I did the PFT was a year and half ago. Thankfully I still had those results to compare to today's. I can't begin to tell you how shocked I was at my ability. Over the past few years I would go through phases of doing really well and then life would happen. I started school full time in addition to working full time and unfortunately got in a slump a few times but I kept trying and some days were better than others. My point here if hadn't kept trying I would have been worse of than where I am now. I'm looking forward to graduating this summer and having more free time to invest into my fitness journey. Thank you Daniel and Kelli for being so awesome and real with your advice and the hard work you all put into this for us.

Sept 2016

Mile walk: 17:31



Push up:12 half

March 5, 2018

Mile walk: 16.29

Squats: 143

Plank: 1.09

Push ups: 18 half

Sit and reach: 8 in