I clicked „Program complete“ today! (Low Impact 2)

Hi fellow blenders!

Today is an exciting day! I just clicked on „Program complete“ after finishing my last scheduled workout today! I started „Low Impact Round 2“ back in September, on the 21th to be exact, and finished today! Prior to that I was doing the 5 day challenge, but these programs then get on Sale and how could I resist? :)

I started with Low impact, because I wasn’t sure what level I was at - I was working out twice a week prior to that, but working from home kinda stole by little walks and lead me to eating more, because it was easily accessible..

So I picked the Program Low Impact and it still kicked my butt!

Two weeks in I also started to count calories and reduced my meal sizes, so I won’t overeat again!

As for the results:

I don’t use a scale, so I can’t really tell if I lost any weight, and I am not sure about my measurements, but I overall feel more leaner (bellywise).

And the best highlight of all that stretching:

I can now touch my toes when I warmed up and lean forward with straight legs! Probably sounds silly, but I was teased a lot in the past that I can’t reach them and now I can! Hooray!

Now I am thinking what program to start next! I actually scheduled FB Blend next Monday as my next program (I really enjoyed the strength trainings and I want to do more!), so I hope I am not overdoing it with doing that program next!

Keep it up, everyone! I am excited to have finished my first 4 weeks, and I am in for more! :)