Family fitness update


I’ve posted on here a few times about trying to get my family to get more into fitness, and I just thought I’d give an update. I have three girls ages 17, 14, and 12. I also have a son age 4. So I’ve posted on here several times about trying to get them off the couch, but nothing has really stuck. Honestly part of it is that I’m very sensitive so if they act unhappy about something I tend to overreact. After various efforts, I decided to just let them do their own thing and try not to worry about it. Here’s what happened:

My 17 year old got a job at a restaurant. So she’s walking around a lot like that. It’s not rigorous exercise, but she is not sitting all day. So that’s a success!

My 12 year old is still sitting on the couch, telling me that this is who she is, and she doesn’t appreciate me trying to change her. So I’ve been trying to lay off of her as long as she’s getting school work and chores done. I try to invite her with me when I do things like go on a walk, but she typical declines and I’m trying to be ok with that.

My 14 year old has surprised me in a good way. She’s gotten really into pop music and dancing (just in the livingroom, she doesn’t want classes or anything.) Someone recommended I get the Just Dance game for her, and I did, and it’s been a huge hit with her! And being a very sensitive person, I’m so happy that she’s asked me several times to play with her. There is a one player mode, so I don’t have to do it with her. She just wants me to, and that fills my heart! So I try to take her up on it whenever she offers. According to my Fitbit, my heart rate gets up to 130 at times, and we typically play for around 30 mins. The game is just ok, but I love spending time with her and exercising as well!

My four year old is easy. He does kids workout videos we with a couple times a week. He typically lasts 20 mins, but recently did a whole hour. Plus, I take him and the dog out everyday, and we run around as much as we can so that everyone gets exercise.

As for eating, I was being overly sensitive about that as well. My whole motherhood I’ve been trying to make healthy meals that the kids enjoy. Then I get upset when someone complains. So I’ve been trying to relax about that more. I started making most things a “bar,” where the kids can make their own dish from the foods I’ve prepared. So for example, last night I made roasted chicken thighs, sauce of the side, and cauliflower rice with spices on the side. So everyone could chose if they wanted the sauce and what kids of spices they wanted. It was a huge hit! I will try to continue these “bars” when I can.

That’s all. I’ve been happier this week about these things, and just wanted to share with someone!