7 months pregnant PFT + Favorite lower body combo (no mods needed)

So, I was curious and decided to do a PFT today, I have only done it twice in 2 years of FitnessBlender. The results were:

- 100 squats

- 12 half push-ups

- 55 seg plank

- 9 burpees in 30 seconds (So, I couldn't run, so I changed it to "how many full burpees in 30 seconds), I think is a good thing to keep track, :P.

The results from my last PFT, before get pregnant, was: 180 squats (I think the reduction here was more because I was in rest for the first 14 weeks, not duo to the pregnancy itself), 21 half push-ups (same as squats), 3:05 min plank (Well...The reduction here is quite expected, lol). And I haven't tried the burpees test before, but I know I did 8 burpees in 20 seconds before, so there was a change there, too.

Overall, all as expected (well, the baby is already over 1kg here, plus all the water and hormones) lol. And I was happy with the results.

For the workout of the day, I combined:

1: This moderate cardio. More of a steady cardio with some intervals.

2: This lower body. I think this is my second favorite lower body exercise now in pregnancy! No modfications was needed, and I break a good sweat. As it only have a little of jump squats, I could do it with no problems.

(My ultimate favorite one is this one: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/brutal-butt-and-thigh-workout-for-fat-burning-and-lean-muscle-building)