FB Strong Challenge - Day 9 - Upper Body

I completed my workout for today. It was a upper body workout with Kellie and Daniel and it was hard to do but I had a good burn going on in my arms. So that meant that it was a good workout is when the muscles are burning through the whole workout then that means your muscles are getting in a good workout. After the workout I had my breakfast then after that I went straight to class to start the day, and I did have a lot of work to do from my dance class but I did have a lot of work to do from all my other classes. But the important part is that I got it all done for today and I will be ready to work on any schoolwork for tomorrow, and that's what matters is turning in all the work on time. Because sometimes I might be a little late turning in an assignment so, I try to get it done in one day or get it done early to when the assignment is actually due for. But then at the end of the day that's when I finally relax and enjoy some family time after a long busy day at school online, and I can just push it aside knowing that I got all of it done for the day. So that's when hopefully I can get online and take to all of you see what you had to say for today, and check in all of my online friends and see how all of you are doing for today. Because you can never forget to talk to all of your online buddies or friends at the end, middle or beginning or the day to let them know what your day is going to be like for today.