A heartfelt thank you from a woman in lockdown

Just a quick message to say thank you to Kelli & Daniel who are keeping me fit during the awfully long lockdown we are experiencing here in Melbourne, Australia.

Every day when I wake up, I press the "surprise me" button a few times, which determines the workouts I am going to do during the day. It is random enough that I end up doing a bit of everything: cardio, HIIT, strength training, pilates & yoga. Although last week, the random selector failed me and gave me HIIT nearly daily for 10 days :p but it was a nice challenge that I overcame without ever pushing myself to the point of pain :)

Every now and then, my friends who are locked down join me on Zoom and we do the FB workout video together.

Thank you Kelli & Daniel for keeping us all healthier in body and mind during tough times!