HKS (Healthy, Kind, Support) Accountibility Group September 11th

Hello FB Family!

How are you all doing this morning/afternoon/evening/night? I hope you all are doing well. I know there are some you doing worse than others but I'm hoping and Praying that you make it through your hardships no matter what that may be. If you are having a good day I hope it stays that way as much as possible.

Always remember anyone is welcome to join in and comment on the thread. We're always happy to see new people and old and will always help, encourage and motivate in any way we can. 😊

Quote of the day, "If you have no one to encourage you, instead of using that as an excuse for failure, ENCOURAGE YOURSELF and use THAT as a reason WHY you MUST succeed." - Kevin Ngo

You know the interesting thing about this quote is that I used to know someone back in middle school whose name was also Kevin Ngo. From what I heard though he's no longer with us. I'm not sure if it's true or not but hopefully he's still around. I wonder if he was the one who made this quote? Hmm...

Anyway, I think this quote is a good one because we really won't always have someone to encourage us to do something. I know sometimes it is harder to get motivated when someone else isn't there to get on your backside to make you do something but at the same time we should learn to have a postive self-talk. (Am I right Toasty? 😁) I hear I'm pretty good at that and honestly it does help a lot more than people think. If it was for my determination and constant encouragement there would be a lot of problems I'd still be going through right now. I refused to give up and give into my negativity even when it seemed like things would only get worse. Here I am not just fine and not going through those things anymore. I thank GOD so much for my perseverance and determination. And you guys can do it too. So feel free to share your experiences if you'd like.

So how are you all working out today if you are? Any mixtures? Total body? Lower body? Short routine? Core? Long routine? Breaking the routines into parts? How about rest days?

Random fitness question: Hmm...Which one do you think you have more strength to get through squat pulses or lunge pulses? For me personally I get through squat pulses without a break than lunge pulses I don't know why. Funny thing is I can last longer through jumping lunges than jump squats. Weird I know.

Have a Blessed day guys!