Pandemic Activities

I know the pandemic has been so painful for everyone, whether directly affected by the virus or just inconvenienced by the fact that you can't get out and enjoy your favorite vacations or restaurants like you use to. My family and I have been strictly quarantined for the passed 5 months due to my husband's health, so that hasn't always been easy for us, but enjoying our own little surroundings has helped us cope. It's been nice to be away from an indoor full-time job, which has pretty much come to a halt for the past 5 months. Enjoying the beauty around me has been so nice! I've been able to focus on a garden this year and learn a little bit more about the ecosystem we have in our area. It's been fun! Have you guys been enjoying anything you don't normally get to do? What is open thing you miss? (I miss going grocery shopping for myself! 😂)