I really need help creating a PROPER meal plan for myself..... and sticking to it! :)

Hey everyone...

So, basically I just need help limiting what I eat & what I don't in order to keep myself healthy. I know FB can help with this situation too, but it's nice to get some opinions from past or present experiences.

Before COVID-19, I actually had limits to what I ate and what I didn't. But after things got a little crazy, the control of what I ate kinda just stopped, if you know what I mean. I hope I don't sound crazy, I'm not sure if others have gone through the same while being inside for 99.9% of the day. So just feel free to share how you limit what you eat, how you stick to it, reward systems you do for yourself, what's good for work-out days and things like that. It's just hard to get that daily and weekly routine up and going again, ya know? I don't know if you do, but I hope so. Thanks in advance :)