Anyone want to share tips on how to resist eating foods you shouldn’t?


I’ve been following the 4 week meal plan and making the meals within it, but I live with other people who make their own foods and snacks, things that I should definitely not eat if i’m Interested in losing weight. I’ve been giving into things I don’t even really want to eat, things I’m not craving or missing. I’m just visually driven when it comes to food. If I see it, I will want to eat it (unless it’s something I truly dislike) even if I wasn’t hungry at the time. I broke the meal plan pretty badly today and felt so disheartened I didn’t do my exercises.

I’ve tried to lose weight for years and this has always been the number one struggle for me. I have little self control when it comes to food and it makes me both frustrated and ashamed. So if any of you have had the same issue and have found a way to overcome it, let me know.