Sharp Pain In Hamstring/HELP


I've had a bad cough now for 2 weeks or so accompanied with asthma-like symptoms so I've had to take a step back on cardiovascular workouts. Today was the second day of not feeling shortness of breath so I decided to fit in a workout.

I warmed up using one of the warmups found here and I started doing my workout. 8 minutes in as I was doing my HIIT portion's last set I felt sharp pain through my right hamstring. I was doing a reverse lunge motion with a kick and I was forced to stop because of the pain. Now every sort of lunging/squatting motion hurts and I noticed same kind of pain on my other hamstring, just not as strong. The pain feels tingling before it get sharp doing a lunge. It also seems my groin/inside thigh muscles got extremely tight after this happened.

Has this happened to any of you? Any recommendations on how to treat it? It doesn't hurt walking at least for now. ANY experience/ADVISE greatly appreciated!:(