My fiancé started working out with me!

A few days ago, my fiancé started working out with me, and I want to tell the whole world (or at least, whole FB community) how proud I am of him. He would probably get a lot more insecure if I keep telling him that, so I need a way to release how proud and over the moon I am that he’s doing this to be healthier for us. We want to start a family as soon as we get married, and I’ve asked him a few times before why he wasn’t taking care of himself, and he never really gave me an answer... I don’t think he really knew either. I didn’t want to force him to do something that he didn’t want to do, even if it’s working out and it’s good for him. It took some time, but he decided a few days ago to join me, and do what he can for now. It’s been over a decade since he’s worked out, and I had no idea it’s been that long.

Thank you, Kelli and Daniel for giving us this opportunity to better our lives without going to the gym. You’ve made such a difference already! ☺️