Perspiration Pals -August 31

Heya P Pals,

How are you all doing? And just like that we're at the end of another month!

I started with Plus Strong challenge this morning. Boy, was it heavy on lunges, squats, and then some more squats. That booty better be prepared to show off when I'm done with this challenge 😈🧐

I woke up feeling slightly under the weather 😮 Just when you have a deadline, these lil germs be like, miss me much? 🤔🙄

How's it going for you? How do you plan your next program/challenge? And do you also threaten your booty/biceps etc so they behave? 🤔🤣

Here's wishing a good start of the week to y'all 🤗

P. S. Everyone's welcome to check in here 🙂