A question on Working out barefoot

My only form of exercise used to be my evening jogs till a few months ago. This has led to a drastic positive change in life, majorly thanks to Kelli and Daniel :D

Whereas earlier there was no question of barefoot running outside, since I started working out at home I have been doing so barefoot. My exercise mat, though really thick, slips a LOT. So I end up doing everything on the floor, barefoot.

There are two main reasons I don't go for shoes indoors: they'll spoil the mat which I eventually have to use in the same workout to lie down on. And also because I feel I get more flexibility and better balance barefoot. Besides, I am flatfooted and I have been noticing my arches becoming better.

The problem, however, are the corns I am developing lately. This is the first video I have come across in which Daniel is working out barefoot: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/abs-and-hiit-cardio-workout-no-equipment-lower-body-and-core-challenge#

So it can't be entirely bad, right? Also, I have read some good things on working out barefoot. Suggestions?

I have been soaking my feet in epsom salt and warm water and applying castor oil to only a little relief until my next HIIT day.

I want to know if anyone has experience working out barefoot. And if so, do you get corns? How do you heal?